Morphe 18B

You guys remember my no spend 2020?

Yeah, me either. Haha!

I fell off the wagon hard this month, like, really hard so next month I’m going to have to kick it into overdrive and remind myself I have a goal.

In the meantime look at this beeeuuuuteee

I’m a sucker for names

I’ve recently been OBSESSED with green eyeshadow and have yet to find the perfect olive/army green.

Hopefully this palette can satisfy my needs!

Step by Step Morphe 35G

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to go into more detail on my daily looks so here is another step by step

#1 in the crease blended high to eyebrow with a big fluffy brush

#2 added to outer corner of lid and into the crease with same brush as #1

#3 added to the same area as #2 with a smaller brush

#4s combined to add to the very outer corner, in a V shape, to eyelid with a small packing brush

Use a clean fluffy brush to soften the edges of the colors

#5 used on the middle 1/3 of lid with a flat synthetic brush

#6 added to inner 1/3ish of eye with same brush as #5, blend gently into #5

#7 added at edge of #5 and #4s

#2 added to lower lash line with pencil brush across entire lower lash

#4s added to outer corner of lower lash with same pencil brush

Step my STEP Morphe 25B

My goal for the year is to hit pan on at least three shades in my Morphe 25B, which is one of the first Morphe palettes I ever bought.
I’m keeping it out and with me to use even just for transition shades but honestly this palette is great on its own!
I used Pat McGrath Flesh 3 lipstick and while I love the color I am super disappointed in the product. I bought the three mini set and this one came broken at the base. The product also seems a bit dry when applying but as you apply the color becomes creamier.Eyes:
#1 in the crease to brow bone 
#2 lower in the crease to deepen 
#3 outer 1/3 of lid and slightly into crease 
#4 on middle 1/3 of lid 
#5 on inner 1/3 of life 
Blend #3, #4 and #5 along seems 
Lower lash use #1, #2 and #3