Face Sheet Masks

I feel like a couple of years ago sheet masks were all the rage and these days I don’t see them talked about as often.

I personally love using them but I find them to be a hassle. This is mostly because I don’t particularly enjoy the wet texture of the mask as I’m taking it out of the package and when I’m applying them.

Recently though, I was watching someone in YouTube and they mentioned they didn’t think face masks had any skincare benefits and it made me want to use one again.

In the past when I used them, I would still walk around and do some cleaning or decluttering but now I really give myself 10-15 minutes to just close eyes and relax.

I’m no expert on skincare or active ingredients but I can say that after using the mask my skin felt hydrated. After massaging in any remaining serum, I applied my regular skincare and my skin stayed hydrated. I can’t say that the mask did or didn’t do anything but, it was a nice and relaxing 15 minutes.

How do you feel about sheet masks?

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