Bad Habit Aphrodite

When I first heard of the Hush website and Bad Habit Beauty I wasn’t interested in the products due to how identical the palettes are to the original ones they’re duping.

I kept watching YouTube videos on the palettes and hearing how great the quality was given how inexpensive they were but still, I wasn’t interested.

Then a few weeks ago Hush was having a massive sale which marked pretty much all the palettes down to about $7 or less. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try the products and my ethics went out the door.

I hadn’t used them yet because I had committed to only using four palettes throughout lent.

It turns out I’m a weak Catholic and failed with that commitment so here is my Bad Habit Aphrodite look

The colors had great pay off but did have a fair amount of kick up (which I personally love). I had to make sure to tap off extra pigment before I applied it to my lid.

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